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My other face!

Since a longer time it sleeps an other,
little harder site in me - it is the site of
a Domina

First I have always suppressed this side, however, now I realise this as a Cyber Dom. 

And because we are just with this subject, I hope that all ordered units are already finished ... *wink*.

Eager by dominance and obsequiousness? They would like to exchange themselves with pleasure about this subject, your interests, ambitions and methods with like-minded people?
Then you log in with pleasure according
to the Domination club of Mistress Sonja, a not public forum all around dominance and submission. Here you are involved actively in the creation, because every contribution are enriched and extends this small forum

ATTENTION, to get access to the secure area (Domination club and mohair dungeon), a registration is necessary.  


Simply click, fill the form and send. With your account you will get now free acess for the complete club lounge.

Ready for new units and tasks?

Mistress Sonja in her ankle-length hot red coat



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