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The tastes or preferences of individuals are so different that even I would not like to pronounce on or favour certain subsections. So I have decided to give to each single area sufficient free space on my site. You can choose as you wish which areas you want to visit under the following broad headings:

    • Alltags-Outfits
    • or "Specials"
    • to Fetish-Knitwear

In each of these three categories there is a small selection of my articles of clothing with some appropriate background information.



and so all my "wool-childs" were born





Wool-sweaters today are normally accepted as machine made from chemical fibres. Hand-made, thicker wool knits, or sweaters knitted in Mohair or Angora, are unfortunately now only found rarely as part of every-day apparel. But ones favorite mohair sweaters are suitable for every-day wear and come in a variety of strengths, textures, colours and designs.   

In the range displayed here I am pleased to be able to show you a few outfits and which I think are well-suited for everyday-life, and that you may think of purchasing for work, for shopping or for a walk. 
Naturally it also depends on how self-confident you are to be seen wearing them in public ...


some outfits for everyday



Specials & Fetish

The rage of "Specials" is reserved for the more striking Outfits.

included are:

  • dicke Socken,
  • Leg-warmers,
  • Schals,
  • Woll-Mützen,
  • Ponchos,
  • Pelerine, ...

This sub-range will surely be of interest forall who alreadydeal more couragelously with their fondness (penchant) for wool and mohair and unusual examples and designs.





Within the range of "Fetish-Knits" you can expect to find outfits that you would not readily find elsewhere. Here mostly it concerns "special manufactures and special wishes", like

  • superthick Catsuits,
  • extreme long and mega fuzzy Coats,
  • Balaclavas,
  • Scarfs,
  • Williwarmers, ...


Naturally only a small selection of items can be seen here.
Do you want more?
Then please visit my photo gallery. There you can find some more pictures.






Welcome on the small site of 


I felt very happy, as I heard, that I have so much fans and so I have now also my own space on the Strickteufelchen-Site.

I hope so much, that you like my pics here.
You can contact me also by Mail.




Häschen's Summertime

Of course, I also enjoyed the hot days of summer and loved to be there in Wool and Mohair.



 And that's me




like an angel in white


devillish in red



sexy in black



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