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Welcome to my site for creative handcraft!

10 years ago I started into the wooly world of Internet. Since this time the community changed greatly but my LOVE for the fashionable knits isn't less.

I find contentment and relaxation when I am knitting in my spare time, and it is great that handcraft is again strong and advancing.

Irrespective of  whether your passion is a simple one, whether it is a “special one” or a wool-fetish – you are all invited to take a tour through the different categories of the site which have been arranged for you.

Equally regardless of which knitwear  you
 prefer, don’t forget: a good end-product
depends on many factors. Only if the material of the item, the workmanship, finish, as well as form and colour are balanced and harmonious – is the effort of handcrafting it worth the effort

Feel at ease on my sites!

I hope you have a lot of fun and astonishment as you rummage through everything.






















As a Knitter I do not exist only 
in virtual form  ...

And as such you are able to contact
me - for feedback, criticism, praise
or simply for comments. I would be
glad to engage in a constructive
Exchange of experiences with all
interested parties.

I am always pleased to receive your




My Special-Tip


Here you will find the perfect link to a very Special Forum site:

  woolfreaks.de (woolspace)


Sonjagroup "Fan de Sonja"


to a very loyal fan and friend for all his work to have this Special Group site 



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