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strickteufelchen's wardrobe news



 I have also very special Outfits?
I think so. Here some new fuzzy ideas from my wardrobe!


Catsuits, Coats, Cardigans, Dresses and Sweater but also Poncho, Skirts or Single- & Partner-Sleepingbacks, Balaclavas & Scarfs;
everytime you will find something new:





Bedding and linen & wooly bags



LOPI bedding and linens / wooly bag WITHOUT sleeves


Underwear in different colours and length


ANGORA underwear (Overall) with engagement



ANGORA underwear (Catsuit) / Mohair Shorty



extravagant Mohair Coats in different colours and designs



 Batwing-Coat "Marble-Bat"


Coat "pink Sleeping Beauty"


Coat "Military Style"


Coat orange-rust with matching scarf


A-line Coat in petrol-green


Coat in apricot with matching scarf


Coat "purple rain"


special Coat "Snow Leo"


Coat in cream-beige


special "Zig-Zag-Coat" / Coat "cabled snow fur"



woolen outfits -it does not always have to be mohair



sexy Catsuits in "SISSY"-Style or Icelandic design











 XXL-Poncho in Icelandic design


Mohair-Dresses & Sweaters


Skipper's Sweater "Rolling Home"



Heat-Dress in white



Sailor's Dress in ajour optic


Dress "Sleeping Beauty" in pink, long and short version






Double-Face Dress "Autumn Leaf" (inside / outside)



 Cable-Dress in white



Ajour-Sweater in rust


Christmas-Dress "Santa"

backless puff-sleeves Dress


long Ajour-Dress "white Autumn"


Cowlneck-Dress "Mega Cowl" in pink (long and short version)


backless Dress "Sleeping Beauty"


Cowlneck-Dress in fuchsia / Batwing Dress with real fur


Mega Flares & Skirts 


grey Shorts



flared Trousers with cables in blue



flared Trousers in white


Mega-Flares in royal blue


long Skirt in blue


Skirts in Icelandic-Design


flared Trousers in black




Batwing-Sweater and long dresses in different colors and designs




new Fetish-Toys




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